Year 1276 — Vizima Dungeons

Wounded Sparrow they predicted it.

A toxin with a delayed Activation time — it is especially dangerous due to its ability to completely disable powers for a limited time.

“Bastards! They Have to have slipped it in my own ale At the tavern before” Triss thought to himself, in a fleeting moment of emotion beneath the drug-fueled haze. They had enticed her to an abandoned farm with lies about the whereabouts of Geralt. Her desperation to find was her undoing. The poison had kicked in by then, although normally she’d have incinerated the assailants at an eye’s blink. She realized that she was in some prison cell upon regaining some of her clarity. They were ravaging her and each hole of this sorceress was dripping with cum out of the rabble now enclosing her.