Tentacle Trouble


Somewhere in Gotham City

Squirming and coiling, their Relentless hunt for prey. All these were Ivy’s infants, which was her domain name. Why the fuck was she tied up with vines and going to be violated in her greenhouse?! Someone needs to have tampered with the compost again, she believed. An aphrodisiac possibly? She could feel their desire to take her, that the lust. The prospect excited her marginally. Her babies haven’t been passionate. The sentient plants started reaching out using appendages, snaking their way up her thigh toward her sex.

Harley wasn’t so amused. The Fiery girl struggled as her limbs were spread by vines and ripped against her latex outfit and screeched. It was only a matter of time before they got her too. Ivy ought to have felt pity. But looking at Harley splayed like that, about to be ravaged… just made Ivy more excited. A fall of sweet nectar absently trickled down her thigh, as well as the crops hissed in frenzy…

Yes, tonight they shall feed well.