Slave of the Balrog

Underworld, Current Day

Working for Donovan in M.I.S.T Had perks. This wasn’t one of these.

Lisa, a scientist in Her right, believed that business benefits comprised not getting raped by demons together with her pension. She had been wrong. About everything. Most of all about the lengths Donovan goes to attain his goals. He had no use for Lisa research project after he signed the pact with the conquerors. Who wants supersoldiers whenever you have the legions of Hell ? And so Lisa became a loose end. A bargaining chip.

A fucktoy for the Underworld’s nefarious denizens. One monster took a specific liking. A demonic general — the humans called it a Balrog. It was pleased with Donovan’s generous gift. Along with the monster using its plaything by ravaging her bum — every single night. The brilliant scientist was reduced to little more than a mere plaything with this brute. However, as her open ripped yet again she bit down hard on her lip and provided herself.