Breaking The Shadow Broker

Planet Hagalaz, Sowilo System

Liara T’Soni tried to blink Back tears as hot seed poured into her womb. She had been careless. Assuming this Shadow Broker’s mantle had made her overconfident, and against Shepard’s guidance she dug up dirt on the men and women that were wrong. And she had been helpless. Her security systems had been stopped by the Eclipse mercs and caught her off guard. To make matters worse, her biotics were rendered useless by the model shock collar that they clamped around her delicate neck.

She allowed out sobs of protest as The calloused hands of the Merc fondled her delicate breasts. Her dark blue nipples hardened from the treatment. Liara turned her head to the side to find a hacked Glyph recording of her humiliating ordeal. She knew that when this footage got onto the extranet, she could never live with the shame. “Please do not let Shepard see this” she repeated to herself over and over again as her throbbing and tender pussy was again full of cum. Since the man withdraw his cock from her, she understood another would shortly take his position.

As the tears cascaded down her pretty gloomy Liara understood the reign of the new Shadow Broker was at the conclusion.