Botched Infiltration

Undisclosed Location, Scandinavia

Ada knew she should not have Trusted this tipster. She had been far too arrogant, stupid, and careless. The Umbrella blacksite was overrun by the time she got there, and the snare had well and truly been put. Nowhere and with her clip emptied to run, she stared the swarm of zombies down. As beads of sweat rolled down her athletic figure her hair stuck to her forehead. She had been determined to go down fighting.

Gracefully launching herself To the horde, she punched on her way through dozens, possibly even hundreds of those freaks and kicked. But they were unlimited, and she had been tiring. Strangely enough, these ones did not bite, although her clothes were in tatters, her skin scraped.

Even as they swarmed over her, They didn’t bite.

As they held her down, they Didn’t bite.

As she lay helpless and Exhausted, they spread her thighs…and stillthey did not bite.

No, these zombies needed a Different appetites to sate…

As she glanced over and watched empty vials of Something marked”F-Virus”, she finally knew what they were researching at this facility…