Agent Of Chaos

“Say kid, you would not occur To know anything about a bootleg tape would you?? Y’know the one I’m talkin’ bout, THAT tape. With the clown slut, along with her friends. Maybe your memory will jog, eh? (sound of goons laughing in the background) Yeah you know the one, dontcha? And I know the rumors just in addition to the next guy, so you’re gonna have to cough up something better than that.”

(a sickening crack echoes Around the space, followed by muffled screaming)

“That has ta hurt. (more Laughter) Word on the street is that Sionis had been responsible. The boss ain’t gon t be overly happy about that, if that’s true then. He made it clear to Sionis the clown whore was to be delivered . So you’re gont inform us that van didn’t make it to the drop off point, and where the bitch was taken by Sionis. And if you don’t, I am gonna break ya other kneecap…”

(the errand boy whimpered and Pointed to his jacket pocket)

“What’s this, then? A second Tape you say? Unreleased footage? Hey Mikey, bring that TV over here, I got something! This tape better have some replies child, or you’ll be sleeping with the fishes”

(The faint light of this TV Illuminated the room, along with the tape started to play)